Court Ordered Drug Testing

Health Screenings USA provides drug and alcohol testing for individuals on probation and who are required to take a test on a reoccurring basis. Health Screening USA can assist individuals in this area by scheduling a drug or alcohol test at any of our court ordered drug testing centers Nationwide (most are within minutes of your home or office) and we can also provide results to the court or probation officer as requested.

Court Ordered Drug TestingIn addition to court ordered drug testing for probation, Health Screenings USA has a random selection program available for individuals needing to be selected on a recurring basis such as monthly or even weekly.

Those individuals on probation that have their color or number called on a specific day by the court system can schedule and receive an open test registration form which can be used when your color is called and this avoids the stress of scheduling a drug test in the early morning hours.

If you are an individual who is required to take multiple court ordered drug testing as a requirement of probation, Health Screenings USA has a discounted testing fee program available when scheduling multiple tests.

Health Screenings USA drug testing and random selection services are utilized by many courts, attorneys and individuals on probation. All tests for court ordered drug testing are analyzed by a certified laboratory and reviewed by a licensed Medical Review Officer.

A probation officer may imprison a probationer and petition the court for a violation of probation. The court will request that the defendant prove his or her innocence at an order to show cause hearing. If the defendant is unable to challenge the presumption of guilt at the hearing, the officer or prosecutor may request that additional conditions of probation be imposed, that the duration be extended, or that a period of incarceration be ordered, followed by a return to probation. There is no invariant rule as to what circumstances warrant a violation hearing, although conviction of a subsequent offense, or failure to report (to the officer) are nearly universal.

If you are an individual on probation and required to take a drug or alcohol test or if you need to be in a random selection pool, Health Screenings USA can take the stress out of a stressful situation. Call us today!

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