DOT Consortium

DOT Consortium

Health Screenings USA provides a DOT drug and alcohol testing consortium for all DOT regulated modes including FMCSA, FAA, FRA, PHMSA, FTA, USCG, Call (800) 219-7161 to enroll in our DOT Consortium today and become DOT compliant immediately!

 The U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that all “safety sensitive” employees be enrolled in a random drug and alcohol testing program. Failing to be enrolled in a DOT consortium or comply with the DOT random testing requirements can result in fines or other penalties.

DOT regulated employees who are required to be a member of a drug testing consortium include CDL Operators, pilots, engineers, bus drivers, boat captains and other DOT covered positions.

Health Screenings USA provides full service TPA / Service agent management of the DOT Consortium including quarterly selections, notifications and the scheduling of a DOT drug or alcohol test at a testing center near you. On the road? No Worries, we have drug testing centers in most cities Nationwide.

To join the DOT Consortium or schedule a DOT drug test, Call (800) 219-7161

Health Screenings USA specializes in providing a DOT drug and alcohol testing consortium program and DOT drug and alcohol testing for CDL Operators and small/medium trucking/transportation companies.

Health Screenings USA offers a complete DOT compliance package which satisfies all requirements of 49 CFR Part 40.

Complete DOT Compliance Package includes:

  • (1) DOT Consortium Membership
  • (1) DOT Drug Test
  • DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • (1) Supervisor Training
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • DOT Notifications



Multiple drivers/safety sensitive employees can be enrolled in the DOT consortium or scheduled for a DOT drug test at a discounted fee when purchasing the complete DOT compliance package or scheduling multiple drug or alcohol tests.

Upon enrollment in the drug and alcohol testing DOT consortium you will immediately receive a Certificate showing compliance with the random testing program requirements for presentation if needed to a DOT auditor/inspector.

When selected for a DOT random drug or alcohol test you will be notified by email and phone and provided the location of a drug testing center near you along with the Federal Chain of Custody Form required for a DOT drug or alcohol test.

Fines and Penalties for Non-Compliance

The Department of Transportation (DOT) enforces the random drug and alcohol testing program requirements and failing to be enrolled in a DOT consortium or take a random DOT drug test when selected can result in significant fines and or removal/suspension from holding a safety sensitive position. Many CDL operators, trucking companies, airlines and other DOT regulated businesses have recently been fined for failing to properly maintain a random drug and alcohol testing program as required by DOT regulations.

Failing to complete a DOT drug or alcohol test when selected and notified by the DOT Consortium constitutes a “refusal to test” and is subject to penalties by the DOT including removal from a “safety sensitive” position.

If you are currently involved in a DOT audit or inspection and need assistance in complying with the drug and alcohol testing requirements of 49 CFR Part 40.

Call us today! We can help (800) 219-7161. 

DOT Agency Random Drug Testing Rate Random Alcohol Testing Rate
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) 50% 10%
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 25% 10%
Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) 25% 10%
Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 25% 10%
Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) 25% n/a
United States Coast Guard (USCG) 25% n/a


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