Urine Drug Screening 

The urine analysis is the most frequently used drug test due to its low cost and the fact that most illegal drugs can be detected in a person’s urine after analysis by a laboratory. Illegal drugs can usually be detected in a donor’s urine up to 3-5 days from use and chronic marijuana users may have detection period up to 30days in a urine test. While suggestions have been made that a urine test can be adulterated by a donor, SAMHSA certified laboratories have added safe guards and additional testing procedures over the years to rude the likely hook of a false test result and ensure that the accuracy of a urine test has a high percentage rate.

Urine Drug ScreeningAll positive urine tests analyzed by a laboratory are sent for confirmation testing and in most cases a positive test is verified by a Medical Review Officer who will attempt to contact the donor and conduct an interview to determine if there is any lawful or legitimate reason why the test is positive.

The procedure for a urine drug test is simple a donor provides a urine specimen in a cup to a drug testing collection specialist who will then seal the specimen cup, complete various documentation including a chain of custody form, have the donor initial the specimen cup seal, provide identification and upon completion of the collection and paperwork the specimen will be sent in a secure manner by currier to the laboratory for testing.

Negative results are usually reported within 24 hours after receipt of the specimen from the laboratory. Positive results are generally reported in a approximately 3 business days due to confirmation testing and additional procedural requirements.

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) currently only recognizes a 5 panel urine test for DOT drug testing requirements of Part 40.

Urine drug testing can also be used for instant result testing, this procedure is used when a specimen is analyzed by the collector or at the drug testing center without a laboratory analysis. Instant drug tests have a higher degree of false positives due to the sensitivity of an instant test cup reading. Any instant test which has a positive result should be sent to a laboratory for confirmation testing.

Drug testing utilizing urine still remains the most common method for employers and individuals needing a drug test.