Oral Fluid Alcohol Test 

Health Screenings USA provides oral fluid/Saliva alcohol testing in which a sponge device is used to swab a donor’s mouth and an immediate result is provided or the alcohol swab can be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.

Oral Fluid Alcohol TestOral fluid alcohol testing is available in an instant test result method or laboratory based analysis. Any instant test in which the result is determined by an instant device or the drug testing technician may have a greater degree of false positives then when a specimen is analyzed by a laboratory. Oral salvia testing for alcohol or drugs provides convenience and is used by many non-government regulated employers, but any positive test should always be sent to a laboratory for confirmation testing.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) permits oral fluid alcohol testing only as an initial test, in the event the initial test has a positive result the DOT requires a breath alcohol test.

An oral fluid/saliva test should always be administered by a train and certified drug testing specialist to ensure that the test is conducted properly and that the specimen is not contaminated.

Saliva testing is a diagnostic technique that involves laboratory analysis of saliva to identify markers of endocrine, immunologic, inflammatory, infectious, and other types of conditions. Saliva is a useful biological fluid for assaying steroid hormones such as cortisol, genetic material like RNA, proteins such as enzymes and antibodies, and a variety of other substances, including natural metabolites, including saliva nitrite, a biomarker for nitric oxide status (see below for Cardiovascular Disease, Nitric Oxide: a salivary biomarker for cardio-protection). Saliva testing is used to screen for or diagnose numerous conditions and disease states, including Cushing’s disease, anovulation, HIV, cancer, parasites, hypogonadism, and allergies. Salivary testing has even been used by the U.S. government to assess circadian rhythm shifts in astronauts before flight and to evaluate hormonal profiles of soldiers undergoing military survival training.

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